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Få 15% rabatt på opphold lengere enn 3 netter.
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apartment hotel
in Tønsberg

Booke et møterom?


Book your room at and receive a keycode by SMS and e-mail. Wilhelmsen House has no reception and has automated check-in and check-out. You will receive the keycode to your room on the day of your arrival.

We have made it easy for you:

When you complete your booking, you will receive confirmation, and an SMS with the keycode to your room will be sent the day you arrive.
Let yourself in
Use the keycode you received by sms to let yourself into the hotel and your room.

You will be able to use your keycode until 11 AM on the day of your departure.


Whether your stay is short-term or long-term, this will be a pleasant experience for you as our guest. All our rooms are equipped with bed linens, towels, a TV and free Wi-Fi.
For stays longer than one night, we have cleaning services every five days, which includes a bed linen and towel change.
We have a large parking lot right outside Wilhelmsen House - parking fees not included.
Wilhelmsen House is located in central Tønsberg - a five minute walk from the train- and bus station, and a ten minute walk from Tønsberg Brygge - the wharf.


1. floor: Room 101 - 111
2. floor: Room 201 - 219
3. floor: Room 301 - 319

Basement: Health and Wellbeing
Gym available to all guests
House of Hair - hairdresser
Vestfoldkirurgene - your specialist clinic
Marianne J. Grødem - physiotherapy, acupuncture
Jørgen Kjærås - personal trainer / coach
Laila Eriksen - acupuncture
Inger Tidemann Bjelland - psychologist
Andreas Ryde - osteopath
Gry Løvold - authorised chiropodist

Questions? Contact us at or +47 971 35 000


Are you looking for an affordable and comfortable accommodation in a quiet setting near Tønsberg?
We offer both short term and long-term rental of rooms, and are a good alternative to conventional hotels in Tonsberg.

With bakery and cafe



Wilhelmsen House AS 
Halfdan Wilhelmsens Allé 22
3112 Tønsberg
+47 97 13 50 00
912 999 688 MVA 

Rated By guests
Wilhelmsen House
OPEN DOORS:* 07:30 - 17:00 (10:00 - 16:00)   -   EARLIEST CHECKIN: 15:00   -   LATEST  CHECKOUT 11:00.
* Access outside of office hours requires a pincode sent by sms.
* Read more about our privacy policy
here and our terms and conditions here.
* Les om våre personvernsregler her og våre avtalevilkår her
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